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Hey all!!!


Draft SUNDAY - October 18th 6:00 PM ET  all 5 rounds!


DRAFT IS MANDATORY, you have to be present, or send a list to the league or prepare your list on the draft page.

GMs who have draft picks and who won’t be present to the draft and won’t take dispositions for
the draft (create list, ask somebody else to take care of it for them) will be fined ($5M).

Of course, a GM who doesn’t have any pick left doesn’t have to show up at the draft.

Draft order is already set up on portal, you can create lists now if you have to.

For those who are not familiar with the draft process on the portal.

Go to


Select 2020 Entry Draft if it`s not already there by default.

When the draft is started, you will see the time left before you draft but this is based on if every team takes 5 mins (maximum time allowed) to select his player, so this is the maximum time before you will draft.  GMs will often draft right away, so keep an eye on this, refreshing the page regularly if you are drafting in the next 4-5 teams.  That counter can go from 25 minutes to 5 mins in just 2-3 minutes in GMs are drafting quickly, so be alert.